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A downloadable game for Windows

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  • Get ready to partake in an open world epic journey.
  • A deep and enthralling story.
  • Turn-based, animated strategic combat with over 550 enemies
  • More than 150 hours of game play
  • Choose from 12 classes, have up to 10 characters in your party
  • Skill and Stat point distribution system create your characters anyway you want
  • 100's of Quests
  • 40+ skills including many new combat skills
  • 100+ spells in 6 spellcasting schools
  • Amazing random loot system
  • Buy and sell houses
  • Lots of Crafting
  • Isinica Clash of Magic offers a very unique story, the story is long and offers many twists and turns. There are many quests that you can have,some of which are very long. You can do all of these quests without breaking up the main quest.

  • You start out with your main character, you will be able to choose from 12 classes. Throughout your adventure you will be able to recruit up to 10 characters you will have complete control over all of them. You may only have 4 characters fight at one time. You will be able to set your characters formation at anytime out of battles.

  • There will be so much to do, like crafting alchemy, blacksmithing, tailoring, fishing, mining and lumberjacking just to name a few. characters can use special skills or magic depending on their class, there are over 140 skills and magic spells.

  • Isinica uses something similar to the ad&d ruleset, if you know about the Wizardry, Might and Magic, Final Fantasy, and Ultima games then you will really love Isinica Clash of Magic.

  • The battles are very exciting and some of them can be very long and challenging. there are over 550 unique enemies. You may encounter little things goblins to mighty dragon. We have put alot into the loot system. most loot is random so you never know what you will get.

  • The world is very large, it has about 30 cities, towns, and villages. There are many types of dungeons, caves, towers, fortresses, outposts to explore some are not so easily found.
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    Buy Now
    On Sale!
    40% Off
    $5.00 $3.00 USD or more

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