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Discover an addictive combat system. Over 300 unique types of enemies roam the lands , each capable of posing their own kinds of threats to your adventure. There are hundreds of possible strategies to lead the group to victory, including the use of scrolls and all types of magic.

Customize your characters anyway you want. . There are 8 character classes and over 20 useful skills, there are over 100 side quests, crafting skills.

You will never get bored with Realm of Darkness

Realm of Darkness is now released! Get the game today!

Realm of Darkness press release!!

Realm of Darkness Homepage

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Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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20 Sacred place.rar 1 MB


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Honestly, I cannot buy any of your games since Itch.io won't allow my paypal. I can buy anyone else's games except for yours, Ellis Studios.... Help.


The homepage link leads directly to a malware/spam website.  Youtube video is completely gone.  Just a heads up.

nope it is fully finished, mabey you need the update? let me get the update for you and I will post it here.

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An update would be fine ^^

I got problem only with Realm of Darkness and Mines of Grimvale 2 (want to run only on C and nope,I don't install game on my Windows SSD).

Btw,I love Cave of Sorrows ^^

I am waiting for a response from Ellis then I will have your update. yes we try to tell people not to install games to program files its always best to install to the root of the drive. I am glad you are enjoying your games. Not sure if you are aware of a game called wizardry but they have been hard at work putting a full 3d first person rpg together. Not sure when it will be finished but I do know they are looking for beta testers if you are interested?

No problem!

I can wait for the update :)

No time to Beta test anything for now ...sorry T_T

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Hum...sometimes I got unable to find files Graphics/Faces/books and the game crash...

Realm of darkness is an Alpha/Beta game?

Game crash on the first town when you enter a house with the message "unable to find file Audio/BGS/20 Sacred Place".

Can you look at it,please?

sure thing. I'll get the Dev to look into it in the morning. what game is it?

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Realm of Darkness.House in the middle of fields.

Btw,I bought your second bundle too...your games are great ^^

thank you very much. i will release a patch right away for that crashing issue. ill get you a link to the patch asap!



ok here is a fix for that crash. just unzip this file and put it inside the realm of darkness/audio/BGS it should fix it.


Thank you ^__^

Bundle was $8.98.

Now it's $22.37...Bye Bundle ^^

Thats because I added more games to it. I can still give you the bundle at that price if you want it. Thanks 



I can risk 10 dollars on bundle without demo but 22 dollars not so much XD

Good Luck with your sales! :)

ok i went ahead and dropped it back down, we're everyone can afford it.



My gosh...at this price...It's a steal!

I hope you to get tons of buyers ^^

I'll buy the bundle when i'll be at home.

I don't buy from my mobile...

Ok thanks...I'm glad you mentioned something about the price because i added more games to it and didnt realize how high the price had gone up :) so I made it 60% off the whole bundle.




First let me thank my backers without you all I won't be able to get the right trailer and marketing I need to make this game well known.

I have found a good deal I will be getting a trailer and a promo trailer plus my logo intro all in one package, I will be paying about $300.00 and I will use the rest of the money to market and promote the game. It is looking good! And I am very excited.

Check us out on kickstarter: Humans and Monsters on kickstarter

Thank You!

Jamie Ellis

Ellis Studios


i rlly like the art its nostalgic it reminds me of wow aka world of warcraft art for some reason


i love this game. tons of loot; interesting story; really awesome atmosphere; and hours upon hours of potential gametime. definitely plan on replaying after i complete it. you should absolutely buy it and support a great indie developer.


Just finished the game at level 59. What a gem!!

This is one of the best RPGs I have ever played. Very old school with modern face.
Tight world and interesting story.
Your strategy (in terms of equipped armors and spells) could really change the tides of combats. I have not played a game this good in a long time. It has kept me up late many times!

Highly recommended to any one who love CRPS.

New patch will be available on 9/22/2016 it will fix a few minor bugs and adds some changes to the ui.

you can get it at http://ellisstudios.org/

I broke down and got this game and I'm glad I did. The game reminds me of the good old rpg days. the battles can be very challenging though.