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First let me thank my backers without you all I won't be able to get the right trailer and marketing I need to make this game well known.

I have found a good deal I will be getting a trailer and a promo trailer plus my logo intro all in one package, I will be paying about $300.00 and I will use the rest of the money to market and promote the game. It is looking good! And I am very excited.

Check us out on kickstarter: Humans and Monsters on kickstarter

Thank You!

Jamie Ellis

Ellis Studios


i rlly like the art its nostalgic it reminds me of wow aka world of warcraft art for some reason


i love this game. tons of loot; interesting story; really awesome atmosphere; and hours upon hours of potential gametime. definitely plan on replaying after i complete it. you should absolutely buy it and support a great indie developer.


Just finished the game at level 59. What a gem!!

This is one of the best RPGs I have ever played. Very old school with modern face.
Tight world and interesting story.
Your strategy (in terms of equipped armors and spells) could really change the tides of combats. I have not played a game this good in a long time. It has kept me up late many times!

Highly recommended to any one who love CRPS.

New patch will be available on 9/22/2016 it will fix a few minor bugs and adds some changes to the ui.

you can get it at

I broke down and got this game and I'm glad I did. The game reminds me of the good old rpg days. the battles can be very challenging though.