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A downloadable game for Windows

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Over 2 years in development

Get ready to partake in an open world epic journey.

A deep and enthralling story.

Turn-based, strategic combat with over 550 enemies

More than 100 hours of game play

100's of Quests

40+ skills including many new combat skills

100+ spells in 6 spellcasting schools

Amazing random loot system

Switch from isometric view to first person view with a click of a button.

Lots of Crafting

Shadow Hunters offers a very unique story, the story is long and offers many twists and turns. There are many quests that you can have, some of which are very long. You can do all of these quests without breaking up the main quest.

Shadow Hunters is a cross between the Elminage series (Wizardry) and Dragon Quest

The greatest thing about Shadow Hunters is it never gets boring, There is always something to do, Quests to be solved, Dungeons and Caves to explore. You will never get bored.

How Shadow Hunters came about:

Shadows Hunters is an open world rpg, its been in the making for 3 years and has a lot to offer. We have done so many things no other rpg developer has done before.Being a die hard Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) fan and a die hard Wizardry fan, I had an epiphany one day "Why not merge the 2 together?" Well I did just that, I am not sure if you know anything about the Wizardry series or Elminage series, Well this game is just like that but wait its not only like that but you can switch it to Dragon Quest with a push of a button. This game offers up a massive 100+ hours that is only the main quest, count in another 50 to 70 with the side quests. We made sure we made Shadow Hunters so that everyone that likes rpgs would enjoy the game. We even put in battle grounds for people that like to grind (or do not like to grind) either or this is the game for you. You can mine for ore, chop wood, fish, you can even be a sage and craft your own spells. So what are you waiting for? The Shadow Hunters need your help!  Anyone that loves Dragon Quest or Wizardry will sure get a kick out of Shadow Hunters!


Buy Now
On Sale!
30% Off
$9.99 $6.99 USD or more

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Shadow Hunters

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